MEET Lorena Gaxiola


Passion, humor and a keen sense of the world imbue the new homewares collection by internationally-acclaimed interior designer Lorena Gaxiola. Some angular and sculptural, others rounded and delicate, every piece—from fine china and flatware to bold textiles and luxury bedding—is defined with her distinctive sense of fashion for the home.

Born and raised in Mexico, Gaxiola uses memories from childhood and heritage as instrumental expressions throughout her work. In the 1990s, Gaxiola moved to California where she earned her BFA at the Design Institute of San Diego, launched Kuatro Design, her successful interior design firm, and shortly after met her now-husband who introduced her to life in Australia. Creating her new collection and handling interior projects around the globe, Gaxiola gracefully balances work, family and play between San Diego, California and Sydney, Australia.

After nearly two decades in the interiors industry, Gaxiola felt a surge of conviction to shift gears and explore the world of luxury lifestyle in the form of home furnishings. Inspired by the diverse culture found throughout her various communities in Mexico, San Diego and Australia, Gaxiola built a new creative team of designers, typographers, editors and stylists to turn ideas into concepts and concepts into functional designs, animating what is now Meaningful Objects for the Home.

Gaxiola brings a new perspective to the design world, proudly embracing the cultural diversity found amongst her team which quickly grew across Australia and the United States, metaphorically representing the wide range found throughout her comprehensive collection of tableware, modern bedding, lighting, furniture and rugs.

Redolent with the literal and symbolic appearance of water, owls and crystals, and symbolic of spiritual elements that infuse a sense of presence to the environment, the collection expresses Gaxiola’s roots in myriad ways. Metal, which is mined in Mexico, is one of her favorite materials along with glass, porcelain, silver and gold. Daring patterns on cotton, linen, wool and leather are seen throughout. And expressive colors, each used to relay various messages of positivity, run the gamut from soft and bright, warm and cold, black and white. 

Officially launched in spring 2014, Gaxiola’s homewares collection encompasses her heritage, spirituality and life while effortlessly blending elements of inspiration that come from the world around her.