Life Is a Lottery

Life is a lottery. We take chances. We win some. We lose some. Regardless of the outcome, it’s crucial that we enjoy the process and embrace the complexities that come with it.

Everyone in the office is betting money for the lottery today. It’s always exciting when the entire team comes together to have a little fun, and it got me thinking about this idea of “community” and what it means to support those around us.

I grew up in a culture that believes life is a chance but always has a purpose, and as a designer, I wish to celebrate this belief with a dinnerware collection inspired by La Loteria, the traditional card game of chance, similar to Bingo, played and recognized for centuries in my home country of Mexico. It consists of 52 cards with iconic character illustrations, each representing a different symbol of life.

When I first began designing my new collection, my vision was, and still is, to introduce a sense of Mexico to the world of homewares. And coming from such a light-hearted culture, I couldn’t think of any other way than to do so with a touch of the raw, playful sense that Mexico exudes all the while representing it in a sophisticated and styled fashion.

With that, the La Loteria Dinnerware collection was born, made with the idea to showcase the different characters that depict the very human emotions we all experience throughout our lives

The El Mundo Round Plate recognizes the ambition we feel to travel, experience and conquer the world. On the table, the roundness of the plate helps with food proportions (it helps keep New Year’s resolutions in check!) while the deep ridges keep otherwise “messy” foods like curries and salads looking clean.

The La Estrella Star Bowl helps us shine like stars and expose our successes. It can be used as a soup, candy or appetizer bowl but I also love placing it on my vanity to hold jewelry and makeup. It’s the perfect piece to break out of your typical setting, and a fun way to express your bright side.

The La Botella Tumbler was designed to take in all of life’s goodness with every sip. Like La Estrella, I carefully designed La Botella as a multi-purpose cup—use it for your morning cup of orange juice or as a pencil holder in your office or as a pot for your plants on your sill.

The El Diablito Square Plate is a favorite of mine, mostly for it’s playful depiction of the devilish side to all of us. It represents our connection with eternal youth and creates an exciting, unconventional conversation starter on the dining table. The El Diablito Square Plate is larger and heavier than your standard plate, making it the perfect piece to plate with elegance, whether that be sushi, steak or even cake (after all, it is a little “devilish” to eat too much sugar). 

The La Loteria Dinnerware series is still growing, and I’m excited to add more characters in the near future. Surround yourself with objects that mean something to you and start collecting your favorite characters as we continue to launch additional La Loteria icons to our collection!