When Angels Are Near

“Feathers appear when angels are near.” –Unknown

One of my favorite forms of mindfulness is guided meditation with archangels, especially Michael whose strength and courage bring peace into my life. As a sign of gratitude, my Agua modern bedding is dedicated to them, along with many others. But throughout my collection, I also celebrate the life of a particular soul who, after leaving this earth, has become my personal guardian angel. His name is Alberto, my high school boyfriend and first mentor in life.

Alberto passed away nearly two decades ago but not without leaving a mark in this world. He was the force that carried me through establishing life here in the US; he taught me the confidence to travel the world; he undoubtedly encouraged me, every day, to pursue education and complete my degree. I know one of his proudest moments in life was to see me graduate from design school.

He was an old soul, mind ahead of his age and far too smart for his own good. He was wise, funny and full of life, never failing to put a smile on my face. He was the core of his family and friends. At the time of his passing, the church where his service was held couldn’t fit the number of guests who wished to attend. He was loved by everyone, cherished by all.

I am heartbroken over his loss to this day. He couldn't experience the crazy, amazing world we live in—couldn’t enjoy life in this ever-changing landscape. Losing him was the most intense pain I’ve felt in my life. I felt afraid and alone but, out of that fear, decided to focus my attention to working and my independence. I knew this would make him proud.

Life goes on, and the tears we cry eventually dry. But the scars never fully fade. 

Despite being gone, I knew Alberto was, and still is, by my side in spirit. During the loneliest of times, I would talk to him, ask him for guidance, and in my scariest of moments, I would ask him for protection.

One evening as I sat alone at home after the end of my first marriage, I prayed and asked Alberto for a man in my life that would accept and challenge me the way he did. I promised that I wouldn’t let him down—that I would recognize his choice for me. A few years later, I met Lewis.

Lewis is like Alberto in many ways, but different in others. I can talk with Lewis for hours on end, about anything, and like Alberto, he is my mentor, my best friend, my biggest fan. We support each other’s dreams and respect the decisions we make all the while pushing one another to become the best we can be. I have no doubt that Alberto, my guardian angel, is who placed Lewis in my path.

Still, nearly two decades later, Alberto continues to be my angel, watching over my every move and inspiring me with his very presence, both in my personal life and in what I create to share with the world. He represents the warm embrace we receive from meaningful people who leave lasting impressions on us, and this is evident in my collection. He is always near, so feathers appear, representing a combination of things—from the wisdom of an owl, my spirit animal, and wings of an angel to the headpieces worn by fierce warriors who fought for freedom and peace.

Like Alberto embraces me, the designs in my collection are mindfully crafted to embrace those who seek comfort, guidance, protection, fortitude—whatever is needed at that very moment.

I believe in creating art inspired by life experiences. My vision, as a designer, is to share meaningful messages of positivity—we just happen to do it through objects for the home.