Meditate With Color And Light

Spirituality is not synonymous with religion, and as a designer, my vision is not to promote a particular religion but, on the contrary, welcome and celebrate all beliefs.
Like most Mexicans, I grew up in a Catholic household and was taught the prayer “El Angel de la Guardia” (“The Gaurdian Angel”) early on. This idea that a higher, supernatural presence looks after you is embedded in our culture—in many cultures, in fact, regardless of religious affiliation—so I wanted to design something that fosters this universal sense of protection during one of our most vulnerable, necessary states in our daily cycles: sleep.
The Agua Duvet Cover is a physical manifestation of protection and mindful meditation. We combined the rays of light each of the major Archangels present to the world with the free-flowing patterns of water to create a meditative experience for anyone who rests with it. We believe meditation is key to physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and we hope to infuse this notion of empowerment throughout every home.
Below are the colors in the Agua Duvet Cover to help you visualize each Archangel and their individual powers. If you have never meditated before, we encourage you to light a candle, close your eyes, embrace silence and visualize these hues for a quick five minutes.
Archangel Michael exudes blue light. He assists us with the protection of ourselves, our home, our loved ones and those around us. He provides courage and strength when we need it most and helps us find the direction we need on our life’s path.
Archangel Raphael represents green light. He provides curing powers, assisting us in all aspects of helping healers develop their gifts of further helping others.
Archangel Gabriel provides a golden light. He is the messenger angel that helps us comprehend and accept important news, unexpected information and life’s complexities.
Archangel Uriel represents a ruby red light. He is the angel of peace, both on a personal and global scale. Uriel is more muted than the other angels, peacefully stimulating gentle, calming energies around us.
Archangel Chamuel represents pink light. A kind, loving, sweet spirit, Chamuel is the angel of love, helping us to be open-minded and attract more positive relationships.
Archangel Jophiel exudes yellow light. He helps us appreciate the simple beauties of life. He helps us appreciate nature, assisting us with art and pushing us to explore creativity that sparks joy within our lives.
Archangel Zadkiel represent purple light. He is the spiritual teacher that renews us. He assists with knowledge, symbols and helps us help others. The color purple is often used as a form of energy that transforms negativity into positivity.
Archangel Metatron extends white light. He provides extra energy to support those who seek goodness in the world. Like Michael, Metatron provides powerful energies to help cleanse, protect and guide.
Not only do we create artwork for your bed, but our vision is to pass along inspiring and loving energies to all those who connect with the empowering messages behind our collection.