6 Tips On Distinguishing Thoughtful Design

I believe good design doesn’t have to be expensive, but bad design is often wasteful. Everyone deserves the best of the best and, often times, “best” doesn’t necessarily mean “luxury.” You can have beautiful design with little money, as long as you are thoughtful about what you choose, how you use it and how you make it yours.

Here are six quick but very important tips for assessing thoughtful quality design versus an average commercial space:

1. On room sizes: Symmetry equals feng shui equals a balanced environment. There is so much wasted space being designed out there. Don’t buy into square footage value simply to have more square footage. Keep an eye on the overall floor plan and make sure you don’t envision wasted space in random corners, walk ways and other unfurnishable areas. It’s not worth the extra value!

2. On sound proofing: Silence is golden, and so is privacy. Be intentional about the bones of the construction structure.

3. On window quality: Always strive for good air circulation and thick glass density. This will help with energy consumption and create a more open, welcoming atmosphere.

4. On storage space: Don’t forget to have lots of it! Your room can’t be beautifully-decorated if you have excess stuff piled up everywhere.

5. On finishes: When you buy property, make sure you assess the quality of the finishes and materials because this alone should be worth up to 15-20% of your entire home.

6. On overall aesthetic: Demand quality above everything else. If you know what you want, and if you seek it, the market will listen!

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