To Care Or Not To Care

I am guilty of being a perfectionist. I care too much about my work, or so I’ve been told, like that’s a bad thing. But I don’t deny it.

Once I dive into a project, whether it be creating a new line in my collection or working on an extensive interior design project, I can’t stop caring about the smallest of details and the end consumer-client. I care about the quality, the aesthetics, the beauty and functionality. I care when I design a residential home, and I care when I work with commercial clients.

I always question what my work does and what it will mean to others, constantly reminding myself, “It can’t be just good. It has to be great.”

The beauty in working in the design industry, or perhaps being a creative in general, involves becoming a part of some “thing” from its concept to reality. In a way, we give life to something unimaginable. And as influencers, it is our responsibility to set—and shake—industry standards. Personally, I find that responsibility extremely important.