Fighting The Good Fight

On June 26, 2015, something so incredible—so necessary and long overdue—happened: The United States legalized same sex marriage across all 50 states.

On June 26, 2015, love won.

There are many things associated with the word “equality.” Socio-politically, it’s often associated with issues that revolve around gender and sexuality. This past weekend, love took a stand in front of the Supreme Court, love demanded equality, and it made a lasting impression. Personally, I associate it with a goal we have yet achieved. While I celebrate this historic leap toward equality with my fellow Americans, my heart cannot overcome the heartbreak over the discriminatory injustice and hatred that continues to thrive on American soil.

We have come such a long way to improve and redefine the civil rights of every human being, regardless of gender, race, class and sexuality, but there is still so much room for improvement. I eagerly wait to see the day true equality, true diversity, is celebrated and supported throughout the world.

I’m not usually one with strong political opinions. I don’t normally follow politics, and without the right to vote, at 40-years-old, I’ve done so a total of zero times. I was born in Mexico but moved to California at 17, disallowing me from registering for voting rights in my home country. I’ve yet to become a U.S. citizen due to my frequent international travelling; I don’t meet the minimum time requirements in the country. And I married an Australian, but I don’t spend enough consecutive time in Australia to qualify for citizenship.

I guess you can say I’m a citizen of the world, but without the right to vote anywhere. I must admit, it is a little frustrating to feel like I can’t make any political differences, but the difference in me is my wholehearted appreciation for what many seem to take for granted.

It’s not easy being a minority, in any regard. We have to work twice as hard to get where we want to be, to make a difference, and given the blood, sweat and tears shed for same sex marriage to finally be legalized, I know there are millions out there who share the same sentiment.

If love is winning, let’s celebrate each other and our differences in every aspect of the word. As we continue to celebrate equality, let’s empower one another and fight for continuing change—to stop violence, discrimination and injustice around the world. For those with the privilege of a politically voice in your respective countries—always vote, and never stop.