The Power of L.O.V.E.

Have you ever felt tired for days on end without really knowing why? This is because your energy levels are low.

I don’t think it’s just a lack of sleep—some people, like myself, get plenty of rest but still feel fatigued and tired. I sleep, eat well, drink my wine and workout regularly (though not necessarily in that order), but sometimes I can’t help but feel drained.

This is where I look toward love. And whenever that fatigue hits time and time again, love is how I revitalize myself and refuel my energy levels.

Our bodies are made up of energy. I like to think they are comprised of energy levels, and when we disturb our essence, these levels shift. But we’re not the only ones who can damage our own energies; other people, whether family, friends and coworkers, can affect us intentionally and unintentionally, positively and negatively. 

When our energy levels are high and we are in good mental and emotional places, we radiate the same energy to others and further attract high vibrations from our surroundings. On the other hand, when our energy levels are low, we can attract negativity from others who also feel the same way, creating a depletion of energy at a higher intensity. And this is what creates those feelings of tiredness.

When we vibrate lower energies, we tend to become lethargic. We procrastinate. We become depressive and unfocused.

How, then, can you protect your energies to radiate positivity? The answer is simple, but a little cheesy (if I do say so myself): Love—both self-love and love we project toward others.

Here is a quick exercise to reenergize, refresh and revitalize your energy vibrations with unconditional love:

  1. Sit down with your base chakra (your bottom) on the floor, cross your legs and sit up straight to maintain a straight spine.
  2. Visualize an imaginary bubble around you or draw it with your hands. This is your Safe Zone.
  3. Play your favorite music and try to smile, dance and become conscious of the very things that bring you feelings of happiness, joy and satisfaction. Just like Peter Pan could fly by thinking happy thoughts, do the same and send positive loving thoughts to the people in your life—people you love and even hate; people you envy and those who need you.
  4. For those who are new to meditation, it may initially be hard to invite stillness and avoid random images popping up in your mind. I recommend visualizing these images with flashes of pink. Breathe in and out a few times until you find that internal laugher and positivity.
  5. Repeat “I love you” three times.
  6. Open your eyes and feel how much lighter your body energies feel.
  7. I hope you find this exercise helpful. Don’t forget to always surround yourself with objects that trigger positive feelings of joy, affection and empowerment.

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