Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

It's been a bit rough.

Sydney, Australia has been my second home and holiday spot for nearly ten years now. And while Sydney’s presented some great opportunities during the years, I never made the official transition to move out here, truly explore those opportunities and embrace what this country had to offer.

I guess you can say that destiny had a plan for me to take the leap this year. I was forced to completely rearrange my living situation, my family, my friends and my familiar surroundings, to move out here. Without a doubt, change was in my cards, and nothing, or no one, could change what was to come—not even myself.

For many people, change can induce fear. Feelings of discomfort and uncertainty, knowing that there is nothing but the unknown waiting at the other end of the tunnel and being forced into adapting to new beginnings—nothing seems to be what it is, and nothing will ever be what it was. That in itself is terrifying.

This metaphor hit me when I picked up my daughter from her new school today. She enrolled just last month and quickly made new friends, adapted to a new lifestyle and embraced a new ‘everything’. Despite the change, she was so eager to fly on the “kangaroo plane,” leave the “brown house” in San Diego and live in Daddy’s “white house” in Sydney.

But beyond the transition, and the change, what really touches my heart is the fact that my daughter has been drawing a picture of a rainbow every day for her mom. For me. Today, her teacher handed me a pile of drawn rainbows, telling me these were all for me. I asked why Demi was drawing this, and the teacher said, “All day, Demi just wants to draw rainbows for her mom.”

I’ll admit, this brought tears to my eyes. These rainbows were a reflection of our experience in the midst of all this change, and it became a representation of a promise of good things to come. Like me, my daughter is facing a new beginning. Her perceptions are changing, and her world is being reshaped. The best we can do is accept it with an open mind and open heart.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

To all of those facing change and overcoming challenges, cheers to you!