Why Metallics?

Why decorate with metallics? Some people think it is purely for the glitz and glamour, but I believe metallic colors can empower our senses, especially when used mindfully in living spaces.

As you may or may not know already, everything in my collection is carefully designed with one overarching purpose: to elevate our consciousness and bring a sense of balance within our surroundings. It is so important to surround our selves with objects that truly matter, not just “stuff.”

Like crystals, metals are natural materials with healing properties, and their presence can help elevate and clear energy levels of any environment.

Gold not only represents status, but the psychological benefit of prosperity is also known to correspond with the healing of the heart and spine in human bodies. It elevates our energy levels, just like the sun.

Silver, on the other hand, is moodier, like the moon. It corresponds with the brain, benefiting properties that aid our abilities to clear and purify mental health all while protecting energy levels.

Copper, like the planet Venus, connects us with our feminine beginnings and abilities to create new life. It is proven to help with nutrition and organ function while enlightening our sexuality.

How amazing is it to surround our selves with such powerful colors and materials? Bring a sense of prosperity, protection and sexuality to every corner of your home or office. More and more, you will see new products in our collection with metallic influences, and my hope is that you will continue to be moved by our positive vibes