New Look, New City, New Beginnings

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How important is change in our lives? It makes us vulnerable, it triggers new directions to our life purpose and it simply allows us to grow spiritually. This month I am celebrating a new look with new vibes in a new Country and welcoming new Beginnings. 

For the past 10 years, I have been sharing my time and life between the USA and Australia. It all started back in 2006 when I met my now husband in my hometown of San Diego California. He travelled constantly to the USA for business but at one point his business in the USA completed and he returned full time to Australia. We were in love and knew the magic needed to continue so I embarked on a series of long international commutes. The long haul is no joke but it allowed me to feel comfortable with the process and then expanded my interior design services to both Australia and China. This was a turning point in my career a path that allowed me to change my typical office structure, learn and adapt to new business cultures and flourish with design creativity. I was hooked. I felt like I had it all and was living the dream but life doesn’t always work out as planned and challenges are always around the corner.

A few short years later, the birth of my amazing daughter Demi marked a major turning point in my life. During my pregnancy I was advised against travelling and was challenged in every single way possible – professionally, personally and spiritually. In my downtime, I decided to work with an amazing group of Australian artists and creatives, who helped unleash my creativity. Six months later the LG collection of homewares was born and new life experiences full of opportunities and challenges were about to unfurl.

What I designed to help me work less to enjoy my daughter a bit more became the biggest project of my life and soon realised that this change will not be an easy process.  No doubt. Creating the collection was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. The intention was to produce fashionable items for the home while articulating a journey of self-exploration…. It was my way of creating art.

The collection was launched successfully in the USA but also consumed my time allowing me very little room with my family. I spent two full years alone with my daughter developing the business in the USA and as I turned the big 40, I was overdue for a well-needed break. I felt the need to reconnect with my essence and I started looking at my future. Everything that infused me with creativity was dimming down, I felt like a machine. So I took a break and returned to Sydney for a 30 day rejuvenating vacay and saw the city in a new light. I actually holidayed in Sydney for the first time. I couldn’t believe how much I missed this city. I realised It had become an inseparable part of my essence. I saw design in every corner. I saw passion for art and architecture where ever I turned. I couldn’t get enough.

Sydney, Australia gave me my love. Sydney made me a mom. Sydney gave me the inspiration to shape my career. And there was one only one thing I needed to do to close my creative cycle and that was to give Sydney Australia my future.