A Man's World


Though the landscape has been shifting drastically, the home décor and interior design industries have long assumed femininity, especially compared to its counterparts, construction and architecture. But as a designer, it is so empowering to challenge that with objects that add meaning and appeal through more masculine design.

Cool dudes are celebrated daily in our collection with the use of inspirational icons like traditional tattoos, inspired by ancient warriors who marked their bodies to showcase achievements both in life and the battlefield.

Throughout the collection, whether it be the La Loteria Dinnerware or the El Apache Duvet Cover, I was deeply inspired by La Loteria¹s Apache figure whose character I admire and associate with the ability to bring out the inner warrior that lies within us. The Apache is meant to empower men and women, and the feather designs were inspired by traditional headdresses that represent political status and power.

The El Diablito plate, on the other hand, was designed to celebrate our eternal youth, and the plate¹s multi-purpose function allows the guys (or gals) to display the devil in them through my modern interpretation of a Mexican icon.

And who doesn¹t want to end the day with a nice glass of scotch in a glass that is as sturdy and strong as they are? The clear Soft Rocks Glasses were designed to mold perfectly to your grip, keeping your hard liquor cool and lasting. 

These are just a few masculine interpretations from our collection, but there are so many more ways to celebrate the masculine aficionados out there through décor and design. Email us at info@lorenagaxiola.com to connect and learn more!