Holistic Interior Design

Most times I use the term holistic design when presenting to my clients and many think it is just a new age word that I use that sounds great. However, after I finish my presentations they realise the purpose behind the design concept and why the concept was developed with such an approach.

So what is holistic design?

The term holistic represents a way of interconnecting. More often you hear about holistic living which is about balancing and interconnecting the mind, the body and the spirit. But when the term "spirit" is mentioned, people often associate it with something unrealistic, make-believe, religious, and so on. 

In interiors, when you apply the rule of interconnecting the "mind", "body" and "spirit”, it actually makes perfect sense and here is why:
The mind is the visual aspect that retains the information such as colour, textures, scaleand proportion, and so on. The body represents the aspect of human relation between the overall space and its functionality. Lastly, the spirit relates to the design concept and how it originates. 

The implementation of these three rules actually generates a balance and true sense of holistic design. Just like well-being, If one item is off balance, the others can feel sick or overwhelmed and too much of one thing and too little of another affects our overall senses.

Interiors tend to be trend-driven and now with the use of social platforms, people are increasingly autonomous in sourcing ideas and implementing them in their spaces. However, without an honest method they subsequently affect the end product.

This is where interior designers continue to evolve, where the application of a holistic method allows us to guide our clients to truly bringing a healthy living environment that not only flaunts their own personal taste behind their concept boards but help them tie in their family lifestyle with their own visual purpose. This is the interconnection needed for a proper holistic interior design approach.

So don’t be afraid to ask why certain selections were made for you and demand that your interior living spaces being personal or business related have a sense of balance because in doing so you can trust that the end product will be a valuable investment.