It’s not how big you are…it’s how big
you play.


Digital Image

We frequently partner with various multi-disciplinary artists, and bring to every project a unique combination of architectural expertise, cutting-edge technology, and pioneering artistry that imbues our visuals with depth and authenticity.

Each project is complemented with an array of highly realistic digital visuals, including computer generated imagery, photo composites and video fly throughs.

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Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 11.51.28 am.png

Feng Shui

Lorena collaborates with Feng Shui Master Gayle Atherton to design buildings that foster spatial harmony and energy optimisation. Through their consultancy, they develop successful design solutions that maximise the planning of the Chi mouth in a given location and develop a formula that is not only sustainable, successful and abundant, but one that is also aesthetically pleasing and on brand.

This helps attract and retain positive energy to any property site, plan for efficient use of space, and develop an energy scheme that is not only timeless but also beautiful whilst infusing health benefits for the property end-users.


Luxury Without Limits

A distinct blend of two unique personalities and their contribution to the industry of architecture and design with a combined fifty years of experience in their respective markets have joined forces to

root their expertise and talents with an exclusive service specifically catered for elite clientele looking to defy the ordinary.

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