Our integrated ideas help property developers grow their brand potential by reaching and captivating new audiences


Original Vision

We uncover the project’s character while identifying its anchors and establishing the use of its amenities, the public realm, retail capabilities, and its F&B opportunities, some of which will attract people to its precinct.

To ensure the success of a project, we are instrumental in defining an underlying vision and strategy prior to planning and architecture. Our collaborative original vision develops a blueprint to guide and shape the development’s core.


Design Development

Our dedication to technical excellence is often strikingly apparent. The key to our delivery of technical excellence is our expertise in the application of shared design documentation information and modelling, allowing our clients and project teams to benefit from faster communication, greater collaboration, design optimisation, improved construction processes and a transformative shift toward integrated project delivery processes.

Through our in-depth understanding of design and architecture, we can deliver a uniquely tailored service at all stages of design, construction and facilities management. We understand the power of this design technology to realize quality, time and cost-benefits for our clients. The LG team is highly proficient in industry software including Revit, ACAD, Sketchup, Rhino, with the capacity of integrating into (BIM) Building Information Modelling.

Exterior Materials.gif

Exterior Materials

Our team of qualified in-house architects are able to assist property developers with alternative material use for their dull pre-approved property acquisitions.

This process enables developers to envision their potential brand presence, increase the property value and improve the overall project aesthetics with carefully planned specifications that can be easily reviewed by city officials to obtain an assessment of the approval process.


Public Areas

We strategically conceptualise the improvement of public and urban areas with exciting design solutions that help enhance the vibe of any master planned community. Our design solutions convert classic designs into playful, fun and artful spaces enabling younger consumers to connect with the community’s brand message whilst enabling developers to continue working their local and trusted landscaping organisations.



Our involvement as creative directors in major projects sometimes requires a full circle approach to design. We help our clients with project naming, logo design, exterior colour scheme and material selections, and handover the overall concept to their marketing team of choice.


Procurement of FF&E

Our ability to coordinate interior design and sourcing early in the design process is key to ensure an integrated solution as the project progresses. This means that budgets are developed in tandem with design, ensuring that cost constraints are achieved. Additionally, a synergistic approach between design and purchasing not only maintains the design intent throughout the project, but also improves efficiency to ensure that all project deadlines are met.