A distinct blend of two unique personalities and their contribution to the industry of architecture and design with a combined fifty years of experience in their respective markets have joined forces to root their expertise and talents with an exclusive service specifically catered for elite clientele looking to defy the ordinary.

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Lorena Gaxiola Q&A

Q.  Why partner with an architect?

A.  Interior design and architecture complement each other beautifully, but if managed separately, it can create a disconnect between exterior and interior environments. At the same time, if you have one or the other manage the entire process alone, the result is often weakened on one or more specific aspects. Joining forces with an architect will help the team work toward a shared triumph and inevitably strengthen the end product.

Q. What is your perception of the Australian luxury market?

A. After being in Sydney for the past eight years, I see tremendous growth of culture diversity. Marketing campaigns in real estate were once streamlined and I didn’t notice much progression at first, but competition has skyrocketed tremendously.

The hospitality industry, on the other hand, is adapting to culinary variety. Fine dining is increasing, causing a demand for creative and interactive spaces that entertain the customer.     

To me, Australia is a utopia. I’ve always appreciated how Australian culture celebrates forward-thinking creative, but I think great ideas often need to be enhanced by original and unique products. Unfortunately, Australians do not have a wide variety of resources that, for example, the US may have, hence the reason why we see the same product being used in the same way time and time again. There is a need for a wider range of variety in the luxury market because the elite do not want what others have.

Q. How many projects have you designed over the past 20 years?

A. I’ve designed over four hundred projects, merchandising project fit-outs exclusively for developers, looking to attract a very specific buyer profile. I have worked on single-family and multi-family projects from the ground up, for all budgets and styles and in various markets, from entry level to multi-million dollar homes and everything in between. I like to be involved from concept design and guide the architecture through comprehensive research of the target market and its living behaviours. I have also participated in a variety of unique projects in hospitality, retail, government, commercial and public spaces. Most recently, I developed an entire lifestyle brand designed to fill a void in the market for beautifully crafted products that are also functional and stylish but, most importantly, display artwork that transmits a story that people connect with.      

Q. What is your background? What made you study interior design? And, how long have you been playing a part in the property development industry? 

A. I was born and raised in Mexico, educated in the United States and recently imported to Australia. My father and my brother are both architects and I grew up with that strong creative influence. I wanted to follow my father’s footsteps until he introduced me to interior design, suggesting I be a complementary service—an added value, if you will—to his architecture practice by earning a degree that offered an in-depth study of the ways people behave and respond to their physical environments. I have been practicing interiors for over 20 years.



Eugene’s vision about the current industry, trends and where it’s heading.

During the past five years, I have been paying close attention to the progression of the current property industry and the demand to attract an international market from various perspectives from development and investment to consumerism and service. 

Property developers are demanding more than quality and efficiencies but also enlisting strong emphasis in the creative process and are willing to pay for what can give them that edge. This is not just happening in real estate but rather extending to other service related industries such as hospitality and retail. 

Our daily routines and lifestyle are changing before our eyes and it is essential to design environments that can transcend to the new era we are entering. We need to supply product beyond a medium family household but also cater to the growing wealth derived from emerging technologies and human life expectancies.  For the past couple of years, I have been studying age care design and found a deep connection between the way we see ourselves living and the necessities of adapting to communal yet luxurious and very much serviced tailored living environments. 

Lorena Gaxiola, on the other hand, and in her own platform, has been experiencing similar creative growth designing interiors and transcending borders in markets from United States to Asia. We both thrive on giving people more than what they expect and thought about joining forces to add a new conduit to an our proven efficiencies in our respective industries. We are merging architecture, interiors and product design and will share with the market evolving trends; design environments that will help adapt to diversified living standards and develop bespoke designs that transcend style and function.