Clear Soft Rocks Glasses - Set of 6


Clear Soft Rocks Glasses - Set of 6

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The Clear Soft Rocks Glasses were nurtured by dreams of water and crafted to represent a personal transformation in the form of jewels for the table. The shape of the glasses represents the ability to transform our selves, just like glass beach pebbles are refined by water over time, and the clear finish represents emotional transparency. And, just like our very selves, no one glass is exactly the same. Each mold is individually mouth-blown by California-based artisans to ensure a uniqueness found nowhere else. Available in three sizes, the glasses are perfect for everything from your morning sip of espresso to your late night rendezvous.


  • Small: 3oz (88ml)
  • Medium: 10oz (295ml)
  • Large: 15oz (148ml)
  • Limited edition 
  • Handmade in USA
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